Friday, August 26, 2016




The calendar never lies.  It is late August and it is time to face the fact that the optimistic plans laid forth in June are not happening Gone is a new kitchen(What was I thinking?), a clean attic and a highly organized and efficient filing system for paperwork and such. Gone are lesson plans for the entire year (What was I thinking?), Weekly blogs, and Educational Branding.  Instead, a new school year looms ahead with very few familiar landmarks.  The sand shifts under the feet of so many teachers this year that it is no wonder that when we can hold onto something familiar we cling with all our might. New curriculum, new grading system, new teachers, new responsibilities and new policies and procedures are heading my way in just a couple of days. I could work myself up into a tizzy, wringing hands and writing never ending to do lists to prepare for what is essentially unpreparable. (  I just made that word up-It means events or circumstances that are so overwhelming that you cannot possibly prepare for it)  

So instead,  I have taken the AUG out of August and made it Ahh. Meaning I am enjoying the last few mornings where the day stretches out in infinite possibilities. I welcome friends for coffee or lunch and my to do list can wait until later.  I relish the time I have in this moment knowing that in a few days time and energy will be in short supply. My strategy is if I enter this new school year rested and replenished, I will be up for what ever they throw at me.  Who knows, the strategy might work. I will keep you posted. Till then , Yours in all things Techie and Teachy (made that word up too)

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